Abbreviations for Occupations

A searchable lists of occupations and the common abbreviations often found in genealogy records.
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1 Accountant acct
2 Active service (in the military) act serv
3 Advertising adv
4 Agent agt
5 Apprentice app
6 Appraiser, apprentice appr
7 Architect arch, archt
8 Assembler asmblr
9 Assistant asst
10 Attendant attdt
11 Attendant atdt
12 Attendant attndt
13 Attorney atty
14 Barrister barr
15 Baggageman bgemn
16 Book binder bkbndr
17 Bookkeeper bkpr
18 Baker bkr
19 Builder bldr
20 Blacksmith blksmth
21 Boiler maker blrmkr
22 Bottler btlr
23 Barber brbr
24 Bricklayer brklyr
25 Brakeman brkmn
26 Broker brkr
27 Butcher btchr
28 Cabinet maker cbtmkr
29 Cabinet maker cabt mkr
30 Captain capt
31 Caretaker caretkr
32 Carpenter carp
33 Cashier cash
34 Chauffeur chauf
35 Chef chf
36 Checker chkr
37 Civil servant civ ser
38 Clerk clk
39 Cleaner clnr
40 Collector coll


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